Is the data center completely owned by you or do you co-locate?

We do not own the data centers. We are resellers/renting virtual space. It keeps our costs down and we can offer you a great and cheap service cause of it.

Where are you located?

We are located in London, Ontario, Canada. Our servers are located in the US.

Why are your prices ``NOT`` in Canadian dollars then?

Since the US Dollar is one of the main universal currencies, we wanted to only offer our services in it. The prices are still low compared to other services online even if you covert it to Canadian Dollars or other currency.

What languages does support communicate with?

Thus far, only English. Please keep your comments, tickets and requests in English for now.

What is the policy on ``SPAM`` and ``unsolicited emails``?

We don’t allow it. We monitor these things very closely, and if we feel that SPAM or any other illegal activity coming from your web space will cause us to ban you without any refund.

What are the contents that are ``NOT ALLOWED`` on our hosting space?

We provide a positive web service used to enhance your business or you can use it for personal endeavours. However, the following we don’t allow:
– Pornography.
– Use of other’s copyrighted material.
– Illegal activity.
– Storing other company’s copyrighted software.
If we find any of the above on your web space, we will ban your services, and we will NOT provide a refund.

What if I need help with my web design, what should I do?

We provide tutorials and help articles on our blog. Please visit and search for the topic. If the topic is not clear or you need a more personal assistance, please live chat or contact our support team.


What type of payments do you accept?

We accept PayPal or credit cards using PayPal purchasing system. In other words, you don’t have to have an account with PayPal to use Luna Web Space.

How can I manage my recurring payments and subscription cancellations?

Using the Members Area, you can subscribe and cancel a subscription with us at any time. We would like to know why you canceled an order to improve our service in the future.


I need my web site configured and managed by you, how do I do that?

In the Members Area, you can order additional services for your account. A list of our services can be found here.

I want a custom managed website at a cheap price, can I do that?

We offer an account management addon at $250.00 USD a month. However, if you want a very customized site that requires backend programming, please contact us for further information.

Do you offer other than WordPress help?

Currently, we only offer WordPress help. Additional help is in the works. It really depends on the man/woman power we can bring on. We will inform you in the future when that is happening. In the meantime, we can guide to online tutorials and videos that will help you out in your endeavours.